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Emerging managers are in for an exciting program this International Women’s Day 2023 8th March 2023 in a program bought to you by R3i Impact Foundation. With the theme “

DigitALL: Innovation and technology for gender equality,” the program of discussions in the R3i Metaverse focuses on how technology and education in the digital age can help empower women and girls worldwide.

Our She Loves Tech Programming will feature two panels that explore how technology is revolutionizing the world of women-led businesses, breaking down barriers, and creating new opportunities. The afternoon programming by R3i Women will discuss funding allocation, ethics in AI, and how through gender smart finance, we can drive progress on the sustainable development goals.

R3i Women: Breaking Barriers

Panel 1 of She Loves Tech Programming, titled “Breaking Barriers: The Impact of Technology on Women Entrepreneurs,” will delve into the role of technology in promoting women’s entrepreneurship.

R3i Impact Foundation

The panel features She Loves Tech Japan Winner Rachel Hong, CTO Co-founder of Meracle, She Loves Tech Korea Winner Jiwon Park, CEO and Co-founder of SAIB & Co., She Loves Tech Japan Finalist 🇺🇦🕊Yuko Nakahata, MBA, CEO of Sustainaseeds and Aroua Naji, Global Marketing Manager of oVice, Inc.. The panel will explore the transformative power of technology in advancing gender equality in developing countries, improving healthcare access, expanding educational opportunities, and enhancing economic mobility.

Panel 2 entitled “The role of technology in promoting gender equality in developing countries,” will feature She Loves Tech Champions Maimoona Azhar, CEO of Telegenz, Nara Moripen CEO of PAL, and Hasmik Ter-Grigoryan, CEO of LiveBoard.

The panel will explore the role of technology in promoting gender equality in developing countries, where women often face significant barriers to education, healthcare, and economic opportunity. By promoting access to technology and digital tools, panellists will share how their companies are helping women overcome these barriers and achieve greater equality.

The afternoon's R3i Impact Foundation Women Programming will take place in the R3i Metaverse with the first panel “Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women: How Funding Allocation Drives our Sustainable Development Goals. Opening at 2pm CET, this panel featuring Jessica Espinoza, 2X Collaborative, Patrice Molinari, an expert in venture capital and fund of funds, Shelly Porges, Beyond The Billion® (launched as The Billion Dollar Fund for Women®) , and Marianne Winslett, CEO of R3i Impact Foundation will discuss how funding allocation drives sustainable development goals and empowering women.

The final panel “From Code to Change: Empowering Women through Technology and Ethics in AI.” features Kelly Forbes, CEO of AI Asia Pacific Institute, Nicole M. Alexander, Global Head of Marketing at Meta, Mark Edwards, CEO of ViewMind Inc., and Carri Duncan, Ph.D., General Partner at Karektero.

The panel will explore the impact of AI on women’s lives and the potential of technology to empower women.

Why join this program on International Women's Day 2023?

The program is relevant to you and your partners as emerging managers because it will provide insights into the transformative power of technology in promoting gender equality, gender-smart finance, sustainable development, and empowering women.

Through the eyes of the allocators themselves we'll dive into the importance of gender-sensitive budgeting, a crucial approach to identifying and addressing gender inequalities through targeted funding allocation.

We will discuss innovative financing mechanisms such as impact investing and crowdfunding, which can be used to mobilize capital for women-led initiatives and support sustainable development goals.

We will learn from the world's leading game changers and explore the barriers that women face in accessing funding, including bias and discrimination, and explore strategies for overcoming these barriers.

We will address the intersectional nature of gender inequalities, recognizing how factors such as race and class can impact women's access to funding.

We will discuss the role that VCs play in the ecosystem, empowering women entrepreneurs by providing technical assistance, training and mentorship, creating networks and partnerships, and providing access to capital and resources.

We will explore the role that government and policy can play in driving funding allocation towards sustainable development goals for women, including gender-responsive budgeting, gender mainstreaming, and targeted policies and programs.

Finally, we'll discuss measuring the impact of funding allocation on women's empowerment and sustainable development goals. This will include discussing tools and frameworks for monitoring and evaluation and exploring how to measure impact effectively.

Experience the R3i Metaverse, the new digital space that enables people to interact with each other more inclusively in a virtual global world, and network with like-minded professionals and experts in the field. Connect with change-makers across the globe, share ideas, and collaborate!

Together, we can work towards driving sustainable development goals for women and creating a more inclusive world.

For only together can we accelerate impact!

R3i Women - Breaking Barriers and Empowering Women


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