EIT Health start-up Longenesis raises EUR 1million in seed funding


Longenesisa Latvian start-up supported by EIT Health, has announced the completion of a EUR 1million seed funding round, to support their goal of advancing the digitalisation of biomedical research through digital tools.

The start-up, co-founded by Insilico Medicine and other top-tier biotech players, is a medical technology  company that provides a technological bridge between healthcare institutions and the Biotech industry. It aims to unlock the potential of biomedical data and accelerate the novel drug and treatment discovery.

Longenesis aims to promote patients’ involvement and confidence in research organisations, as well as allowing clinical sites and patient advocacy organisations to disclose their patients’ data to adhere them to biomedical research.

In 2020,the Riga-based start-up took part in  the EIT Health Headstart programme wining EUR40 000. Speaking about their success in the programme Inês Matias, Business Creation Manager of EIT Health InnoStars, said: 

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