Prosoma Aims to Speed up Digital Therapeutics Adoption


Prosoma Aims to Speed up Digital Therapeutics Adoption, Hopes to Break Into German Market by the End of 2021

  • Prosoma is a digital therapeutics company founded in Poland.
  • The company provides digital CBT for cancer patients – aiming to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. 
  • They’re currently aiming at being reimbursed by the German healthcare system

As a species, we’ve made remarkable progress in solving most of our problems. The two biggest things we have left to solve are heart disease and cancer.

While “cancer” is a catchall term, there’s actually many different types of cancer that differ in the ways they work, not just the parts of the body they affect.

But while we’re waiting on the code to these illnesses to be cracked, there’s also the issue of patient care and guiding people through the process.

While undoubtedly an incredibly stressful situation, stress itself has been shown to worsen the quality of life in patients even further.

Prosoma, originally founded back in 2017 in Poland, is attempting to tackle just that, by creating the world’s first digital therapeutics program, designed specifically for cancer patients.

What’s digital therapeutics? Essentially, it’s a prescription-only piece of software that delivers evidence-based therapeutic intervention to prevent, manage or treat a medical disorder or disease.

Prosoma is offering digital therapeutics interventions for cancer patients, specifically – they create a mobile app that improves patients’ quality of life and supports the healing process. Their program offers a psychological journey that lowers the level of stress, anxiety, and depression. It consists of three modules – diagnostics, psychoeducation, and behavioral change. 

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