R3i Activity Report 2022

Dear Investors, Founders and team,

I want to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for all of the hard work and dedication that every one of you have shown to support R3i Grou throughout the year. Your commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed, and I am so grateful to have such a talented and dedicated team by my side.

This year has been challenging, with unexpected challenges and obstacles that none of us could have foreseen. Despite the war on our doorstep in Europe, and the ongoing geopolitical and market challenges, you have persevered and continued to give your best effort daily. Your resilience and determination are truly inspiring, and I do not doubt that we will all continue to achieve great things together in the future.,

So let's take a moment to reflect on what we have accomplished together and be proud of what we have achieved. And let's look forward to the exciting opportunities and growth ahead with the launch of our fund in Q1, our new partnerships with I-U and Striders, the launch of IPx and R3i Impact Foundation, and the continued support of our investors, collaborators, mentors, and founders in the year to come.

Thank you for everything you do and for being such a valuable part of our R3i Team. Together we have accelerated impact in 2022! As you will see from the very long read below, it's been a productive year towards our goals.

R3i Capital LP

Portfolio companies that closed capital during the year included:

  • Quantum Brilliance
  • Viewmind
  • MGA Thermal

R3i closed funding on two deals:

  1. Black.ai, a global leader in surveillance context analytics, alongside Jelix Ventures, Inqtel, Blackbird Ventures and Right Click Capital, and MGA
  2. MGA Thermal Australia's leading long-duration solar thermal renewable energy company.

R3i launched its fundraising for the R3i Future Fund in Q4 in Singapore at AVCJ and Global Fund Women. R3i Capital qualified with Revere and found its profile and score to prospective LPs via the VC scorecard.

R3i has pipelined investments via its R3i Syndicate and R3i Capital into Viewmind, Meracle Health, Rubens Technologies, Detexian, LIOS, Mimicrete and Penfield Ai for Q1 2023 close.

Accelerating Dealflow access and Learning and Development

R3i expanded its angel networks, joining Republic Angels, Allocations Angels Accredited Investor Network, Keiretsu Forum Singapore, and 2XCollaborative, to tap into new Syndicate members, early fund LPs, and qualified dealflow across our thematics.

We also expanded our training, development, and dealflow networks across Global Women-VC, moderating the channels for all Deeptech and MedTech topics and ESG across a network of 4,956 women in venture capital.

Our Transact network of 204 Female GPs continues to provide us with leading-edge training and development in venture capital, expanding our networks across service providers and providing exclusive access to dealflow or co-investment.

R3i also supported the launch of the TRIUM EMBA Angels Group, 180 angels forged from the Global Executive MBA Program Alumni network of NYU Stern, HEC Paris and the London School of Economics and Political Science. The network meets monthly in the R3i Metaverse to evalute deals.

  • R3i Female Founder Bootcamps

Building out our R3i brand in new markets, identifying new gender lens deal flow for funding, building our pipeline engines for automation, and stress testing our curriculum for scale, together we accelerated 50 female founder and gender lens companies via our R3i Bootcamps in Western Europe, the Nordics, Southern Europe, South Korea and Japan.

  • Stepped into the future and secured ops via our R3i Metaverse
    In 2022 R3i signed a strategic partnership with oVice and launched our R3i Metaverse to accelerate impact over the next five years! We also partnered with a fantastic SMU Cox team led by JP Morgans' Pamela Wilson to develop its strategy and our launch plan
  • In 2022 R3i signed a long-term organizing license and partnership with She Loves Tech for the next five years. R3i organized She Loves Tech pitch competitions across 23 countries as a Community Partner of the US, Canada, ANZ, Uk and Taiwan. With the support of our in-country collaborators, F4S, Nordic Innovation House, KIC Silicon Valley, Fingerprint for Success, Sunrise, oVice, Striders International, and Les Nouvelle News, R3i delivered the Nordics, Japan, Korean, Western Europe, Southern Europe Competitions. R3i also judged the UK edition and mentored at the Global She Loves Tech Mentoring Program. We were delighted to see our founders Rhona Togher of Lios, take first place in the global competition and Dr Liz Zijing from Mimicrete take out the Asia Development Bank Impact Award.
  1. Building out our healthcare ecosystem with Arizona Commerce and 500 Global
  • Big shout out to Mark Moeremans at Arizona Commerce and Lucia, Katrin and our partners at 500 Global for the opportunity to contribute to the 500 Arizona Accelerator program as the Healthcare EIR to 6 amazing founders - Navi Nurses, The Patient Company, Taproot, Resuture, and Dormroom Movers. We also had the opportunity to expand our networks with the Mayo Accelerator
  • Co-Creation with Corporates for Strategic Procurement
  • Thank you to 500 Global and Visa for the opportunity to accelerate team Perfios on the Visa Accelerator. Perfios launched a new product with Visa and its banking network internationally.
  • Thanks to Professor David Jacobson and our partners at SMU Cox Business School for the opportunity to accelerate their global growth strategy. 

Value Add to our Portfolio Companies, accelerating market access and ID of top talent with SMU Cox Business School.

  1. Now in our third year, together with SMU Cox Business School, we co-innovated with EMBAs and MBAs in the Complex Problem Solving and Entrepreneurship Program. 
  2. Together we completed 42 of our Founders M&A projects, turnarounds, and market access in philanthropy, renewable energy, fintech, value-based healthcare, consumer goods, agritech, medical diagnostics, and quantum computing.
  3. These projects challenged the status quo, identified quick wins for top-line commercialization, and delivered new funding pathways and strategic choices for market access.


Together we dived in deep with our partners at Pureterra Ventures and supported their Consortium of investors, including ADP Security, Airbus Ventures, and Everlam Family Office, to drive value out of their investment in Ellona.

We secured an early collaborator for R3i IPx. We delivered tangible value for both a turnaround and an exit of Ellona with a strong recommendation from the Pureterra Consortium for our efforts.

Thought Leadership

In 2022, R3i worked with the NUS Lloyds Register Institute of the Public Understanding of Risk and gleaned valuable new perspectives across ASEAN and 5 of our key investment markets. See the research here: https://ipur.nus.edu.sg/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/Report-Risk-Perceptions-of-ASEAN-Undergraduates-24Dec2021.pdf.

We built geopolitical risk scorecards for our founders and the National University of Singapore to keep our founders, research partners and academics safe.

We delivered research on the future of learning with NUS ORMC and were a Chapter contributor to a new book launching in the new year, "Competencies of the 21 Century/Competencies of Digital Era" - "Managers' Development: Current and Upcoming Trends.

With Fingerprint for Success, we also supported our founders and fellow VCs on programs worldwide. We also participated as Keynote, Panelists, Judges and Speaker at more than 100 events across venture capital, academia, industry and founder networks.

With all the scandals and founder jail sentences, Look out for our Founder Ethics class in the new year.

Building the next generation of R3i with Virtual Internships and Teaching

In 2022 we ran internship programs with Universities across the UAE, Africa, the UK, and the US supporting venture capital, accounting, communications and data science interns.

In 2022 we led classes on Ethics with Founders at Singapore Management University, in Climate Finance at IE Business School and the Future of Work at the Warsaw School of Economics.

In 2023, we will kick off new internships in program management, communications and sustainability in the R3i Metaverse with US, UK and New Zealand students.

Envisioning an inclusive future for all

In 2023, we opened the doors of R3i Impact Foundation with the launch of a new initiative as the anchor project to build brand and awareness for our not-for-profit, a short film entitled "Tomorrow's World: A Childs' Eye View 2042".

You may have seen the film recorded by the BBC in 1966 here that we were inspired by


It is a fascinating depiction of the world we live in today. Pupils from Marlborough College, Roedean and Chippenham schools predict what life will be like for them in the year 2000. With concerns ranging from nuclear armageddon, overpopulation, automation, battery farming and mass unemployment, it's fair to say that most of them were not incredibly optimistic about the prospect.

Our film, supported by Issimo, will feature interviews with children from diverse backgrounds and locations, all sharing their dreams, hopes, and fears for the future. Through their candid and thought-provoking responses, we aim to paint a picture of the world these young people envision for themselves and future generations and to be inspired ourselves via our Signature Speaker Series.

As you can see from the past BBC edition, this film is a unique and powerful exploration of children's perspectives on the future, and it has the potential to impact how we all think about the world and our role and place in it. To be released at the World Economic Forum and DAVOS it has the power to inspire us all.

How you can help R3i in 2023.

  • LP Access - Open the doors to HNWI, corporates or family offices for R3i Capital - to those who care deeply about investing in early-stage venture assets that contribute to the SDGs.
  • Coinvestor Access - Open the doors to co-investors for our accelerators for March 2023 Spring Planet43 Program focused on Ai for Sustainable Development in Singapore and Luxembourg.
  • Founder Access - Encourage those who are operating in SDG3,5,7,11,13 to apply to Houseofx.io.
  • R3i Impact Foundation - sign up to donate to our Grant fund, and support to our film and Signature Speaker project.

Let's build tomorrow together!


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